Gantry / Goliath Crane

Gantry / Goliath Cranes are self-propelled cranes running on rails installed at ground level. Such cranes are typically used at -

  • Construction sites
  • Ports and harbors
  • Workshops where existing columns cannot bear the wheel loads of a bridge crane
  • Workshops with low roof tie height that might restrict the height of lift of a regular bridge crane
  • Locations where bay lengths are excessive
  • Locations where bay lengths do not remain constant
  • Sites / projects where the crane itself needs to be relocated from one place to another
  • Locations where loads are to be shifted from points outside the crane span as in the case of an overhang on either side of the rails


Duty: Class- M 5 as per IS: 3177/807/800 - Outdoor.
Control: Pendant Push Button from floor at 110 Volts. / Radio remote.
Motor: A Crane duty Sq, cage induction motor totally enclosed fan cooled with Class "B" insulation, suitable for 3 phase, 50 Hz, 415 V +/-10% A.C. supply of CGL/ MARATHON/ KEC make shall be provided. The motor shall be capable of taking the VF drive torque at the slow speed also.
Brake: Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brake for all the motions shall be provided. The brakes would be of SUREKA. Two brakes shall be provided for theHoisting motion.
Gear Box: All gear Box are totally enclosed Helical/ Spur Gear, Splash Lubricated as per IS: 4460 “Sureka” Make.
Power Supply: 415 Volts - + 10%, 3 Ph, 50 Hz- +5%, A.C. Supply.
Girder: Double Girder, Box type fabricated from tested quality M.S. Plate as per IS - 2062.on which crab trolley shall move.
End Carriage: M.S. plate fabricated construction fitted with 2 nos wheels on each end carriage as per IS.
Crab Trolley: M.S. Fabricated from plate & channel on which only hoisting motion and cross travel motion shall be mounted.
Platform: All through (span wise) chequered plate platform with toe guard, hand railings shall be provided. In addition, 2 short platforms shall be provided at both ends of the opposite side for maintenance of Power Feeding System.
Leg: Plate / Channel Box type Fabricated from M.S. Plate and shall be connected with girder through Pin/bolts for ease of erection at site.
Rope Drum: M. S. Plate Rolled and Fabricated, Flanged, Left Hand/Right Hand Helical Grooved.
Coupling: Geared type Flexible Coupling for output shaft and Brake Drum type for input shaft shall be provided of Sureka make.
Wheels: Double Flanged, made of carbon steel, hardened to 300 - 325 BHN on tread each fitted with 2 Nos. Bearings of Reputed make on Fixed Type wheels and open reduction on wheels.
Limit Switches: All motions will be provided with Limit Switches for over hoisting/ travelling in both directions. Rotary geared for Hoisting and Snap act ionfor L.T. of SUREKA make.
L.T. Drive: L.T drive shall be through two separate motor, gear box, brake diagonally placed at the two drive wheel at end carriages.
Electric Control: A suitable VF Drive panel with LGIS make VVVF kit along with Volt meter, ampere meter, MCCB, multi turn POT , forward/reverse and stop push button, indicating lamp for - drive ON, drive TRIP/FAULT, forward RUN and reverse RUN, ratchet LOCK, 3 nos phase indicating lamp and control transformer, auxiliary relay , cooling fan and brake contactor housed in a dust and vermin proof box fabricated from 2 mm CRCA sheet painted with powder coated paint RAL 7032 with necessary terminal block all are mounted in a separate mounting board.
L.T. Rail: 90 / 105 lbs/yd F.B. Rail (recommended)
Wire Rope: UMB make, Fiber Core, 6 x 36 Const, Un-galvanized Wire Rope will be used.
Safety: All equipments shall be complete with safety devices as applicable for operational and maintenance of the Crane.
Power Collection System: Power collection system shall be of directly from central feed cable Reeling Drum of EZ/EMM make. Motorized type suitable for 150 mtrs travel.
Painting: Crane shall be supplied with one coat of Red Oxide Primer. Sufficient quantity of Synthetic Enamel paints for two coats of painting of approved shade shall be supplied for the painting by your labour after erection at site.
Guarantee: 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of supply whichever is earlier, against any manufacturing defect.
Testing: Goliath Crane shall be tested at 25 % overload after erection at site. Required load to be arranged by you for such testing at your cost and care at testing point.

We Provide Crane With Slipring Motor / SQ. Csge Motor/ VVVF Drive (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive)