Electric Winch

SUREKA make ELECTRIALLY OPERATED SINGLE/DOUBLE DRUM WINCH with electric motor, gear box, electric/manual brake , rope drum, operator seat, electric control with first filling of lubricants and tested to 25% overload at our testing rig.


Capacity: 1 Ton to 25 Ton
Rope Drum: Rope drum are made from M.S plate rolled/pipe of adequate thickness, flanged with bearings on M.S housing.
Reductions: Reductions shall be achieved by a worm gear box open stage or helical/spir gear with/without open reductions. Open reductions are cast steel gears and carbon steel penions.
Base Frame: Frame shall be fabricated from rolled steel sections with rigidly stiffened with anchoring arrangement.
Brake: Electro hydraulic thrusters brake, shoe type on flexible geared drum at the input shall be provided with manual brake at the second stage reduction for the ease of operation, better grip and less effort.
Motors: A crane duty, squirrel cage/slipring, induction motor, TEFC, AC, 415V of marathon/reputed make shall be provided.
Electric Control: Suitable electric control shall be provided with starter and drum controller (slipring motor) or VF drive panel with motor protection device.
Operator's Seat: A suitable revolving M.S seat shall be provided.
Wiring: Suitable rating copper cable with glands and sockets properly sheet cover to protect from external damage shall be provided.
Painting: One coat of red oxide and two coats of golden yellow shall be done.


  • We provide winches with VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE (optional) with provision of slow banking at the time of extreme up/down movement.
  • Drum will be machined and smooth finish to avoid damage of wire rope.
  • We provide geared brake drum coupling to avoid regular wear and tear of rubber bushes.
  • Open gears are covered with sheet metal to protect direct contact of foreign material and operational safety.
  • We transmit torque form gearbox to rope drum through coupling for long lasting of gearbox worm wheel being softer material.
  • We provide effective manual brake on the 1st stage for operational ease.

We Provide Crane With Slipring Motor / SQ. Csge Motor/ VVVF Drive (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive)